Episode 149 Sailing Summer 2017 pt 6 Patras to Corfu, Avoid Sailing the Ionians!


Avoid sailing the Ionians

I now recommend you avoid sailing the Ionians! This episode has us sailing the Ionian Islands with Andy and Lisa Buffmire on my 5th leg of this summers sailing adventure from Turkey to Croatia.

Andy and Lisa sail with me from Patras to Corfu right through of the crowded and overly popular, ruined, formerly ideal cruising grounds.

Andy and Lisa

Excessive expansion of charter and flotilla fleets have taken this once delightful cruising area and made it into over crowded anchorages and somewhat polluted waters. With aggressive charter flotilla employees trying to claim open anchorage areas for their flotillas exclusive use

Aviod sailing the Ionians

An example of how charter companies claim anchorage space early in the day to keep other sailors away! They send advance crews to tell others to stay away!

Avoid sailing the Ionians

Avoid sailing the Ionians it is now overcrowded by Flotillas and Charter fleets.


When I first sailed in these waters over 15 years ago Cleopatra Marina had about 80 boats wintering on the hard today there are over 1000 on the hard with another 2 large boatyards nearby. That along with massive Marina expansion takes most of the charm out of this once delightful corner of Greece

If you want a charter vacation and want a hint of what the cruising lifestyle is like Please don’t contribute the charter companies that have now ruined this once delightful cruising area.

Avoid sailing the Ionians

Crowded anchorage in Corfu

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