We would love to discuss having you on Sailing in the Mediterranean Podcast as a guest.  Our show is dedicated to information and stories of those involved in sailing and the yachting industry and we generally welcome any guest who can contribute to the show in those regards.  Past guests include charters, cruisers, charter companies, etc.

Then contact me with the information I ask for below by using the contact form at the website the information I ask for may seem excessive but do your best. The questions I ask are designed to make sure your interview goes off without a hitch and gets you positive exposure to our large and growing audience.

When we bring a guest on the show we have two main goals….

  1. Bring new valuable information to our audience
  2. Give the guest positive exposure as fair compensation for their time

The more information you provide in the form below the better we can do at meeting those goals.  A couple things to pay special attention to…

  1. Skype Name – we can certainly do an interview where we call you on a land line or cell phone but Skype is always best for audio quality.  If you can use Skype please make sure to include your Skype name.
  2. Bio – If you don’t have anything prepared for this understand you are not writing a bio for the back of a book, just tell us a bit about yourself it will help us do a better job of introducing you to the audience.
  3. Proposed Topic – Just tell us what you want to discuss the key is do you want to talk about a subject in general like say sailing in Sardinia or get very specific like say what to expect if you are involved in a maritime collision for example.
  4. Five Questions – We will certainly ask more than five questions but having a starting point lets us construct an interview that is very comfortable for our guests.  Let me put it this way if you don’t know what you want us to ask you how are we supposed to know?  Simply put submissions without suggested questions are not responded to.
  5. Website – Blogs – This is for your company site, personal blog, anything that will help us better understand your work and do a good job introducing you to the audience.
  6. Best Day – Time –  We set aside Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for interviews outside of business hours.   All shows are prerecorded and will air from a one day to a week or so after they are recorded.
  7. Photo – Graphic URLs – If you have a head shot, a photo, a logo or anything you would like included in your episodes show notes please provide the URL where we can find them online.  If not no big deal but we like to let our audience know who you are and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Just send a email of your interest and information to:email-pic2-300-50