Sail with Franz

If you are interested in hiring me as a captain here is the deal, I am not cheap but I can be had. I am a US Coast Licensed Merchant Marine Officer, Master of Motor or Auxiliary Sail Vessels but my real day job a professional investment manager. Fortunately I have a great organization and can plan my life accordingly. If I choose to take time out for traveling or meeting new people I consider that within the scope of my objectives in life so I DO IT.

I know many people feel they don’t have the qualifications, knowledge or the desire to be responsible to charter, manage and pilot a charter boat but do have the desire to experience cruising sailing. For you there are many options, you can charter through many companies and they can provide you a skipper.

But if you want me to arrange a boat with all the details that entails and sail with you I am happy to take some time off meet new people and have another adventure, as long as it does not conflict with my own sailing schedule and other commitments. You of course will pay for the charter which I can arrange if you like then I require all my travel expenses to be covered and this will include business class airline tickets. I am 6’2” and I don’t squeeze comfortably into the sardine seats of economy class. Also I require an honorarium of $350 per day. That’s the deal I don’t need the work so I travel on my terms. I would feel comfortable piloting a sail boat up to 55’ in length, if you are looking for a captain for a larger boat or a power yacht I am not the right person but I could direct you to a better qualified person for that than I.

I have sailed many years in the Mediterranean (15+), a few times in the Caribbean, once in French Polynesia, Five years in the Pacific Northwest (US and Canada), and would like the opportunity to sail Thailand.

If you are interested drop me an email and then we will talk on the phone.

franz at medsailor dot com