Sailing Flotilla Charter Review

I just received this email from a listener and for those of you that are looking for flotilla charter information you might want to take a look at TJ’s link below:

Hi Franz,

I’m a long-time listener to your podcast. Yours was the first sailing podcast to which I subscribed and it remains an informative & enjoyable listen.

I’m writing in response to your earlier email from Christina Davies and your good advice regarding a charter in the Southern Ionian. My partner and I have enjoyed two flotilla charters, both staring from Lefkas, and have written about our experience on our blog –

We’ll be adding further information when work commitments allow – including a review of our forthcoming bareboat charter from Dubrovnik. After that, it’s a final year of saving before we can buy our Moody 36 or Southerly 110 (we still can’t decide how beneficial a swing keel would or wouldn’t be!).

Please feel free to pass my email address to Christina, if you think we can answer any queries.

As a small token of my thanks for all I’ve learned from your podcast, I’ve sent you a little on Patreon – just enough to buy a beer or two!

Keep up the great work & hopefully we’ll cross paths sometime!

Kind regards,

TJ (Bristol, UK),

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